Incredible Places™ is a brand developed by Creative Entity for projects focusing on nature and world cultures. Incredible Places™ projects include films, interactive experiences, exhibits, photography and products such as Encanto, Haleakala House of the Sun, Five Element Green Screen, and Incredible Oceans DVD.

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Resources & Current Alliances
Creative Entity Productions has teamed up with key Strategic Partners to develop Incredible Place™ programs, providing stellar content in multiple formats.

Creative Entity Org has a perpetual license for intellectual property created by or owned by Amy Seidman. We have pro bono use of these assets (such as media and URLs) to serve projects at no cost.

Creative Entity Org is also pleased to offer the use of the photography and film licenses to other non-profits at reduced rates, while donating back a portion of the profits as a means to create sustainable income for Creative Entity Org.

Project resources include:

  • Film & Digital Production (Motion & Stills)
  • Post-Production
  • DVD Design & Authoring
  • Music & Sound Production using Protools for Composition, Production and Mastering
  • Internet & Multimedia Development
  • Print Design
  • Exclusive Film and Photography Libraries

Industry affiliations and expert technical team resources enable Creative Entity to accommodate turnkey production needs for all aspects of Incredible Places™ program development.

We combine traditional medias with converging new media and technologies such as DVD, Internet, iTV, Wireless and Pocket PCs, produce a wide variety of products and services.

Incredible Places™ development harnesses state of the art production facilities, resources and talent within the traditional and new media production paradigms. Key strategic partners enable us to provide state of the art technology and development.

About Creative Entity Org
Creative Entity Org is dedicated to creating works of art and communications that enhance the quality of life for all beings. We operate as multimedia production company, publisher and producer of content, art and experiences. Our mission is to push the envelope of creativity to educate, inspire, and/or create community.

Our area of focus is emerging media relating to art, education, nature and cultures through multimedia and similar engagements. Creative Entity Org is a non-proft project of Inquiring Systems, Inc. 501(c)3

About Creative Entity Productions

Creative Entity Productions
Multimedia Design Boutique

Creative Entity was established in 1995 as a multimedia boutique, and has produced a myriad of interactive media including Internet sites, CD-ROM and DVD interfaces, interactive games, photography, video, sound design and other music, character development and Flash animation.

In addition to catering to a wide variety of clients, Creative Entity has been developing a number of original properties within the multimedia space that translate across a variety of ancillary markets and products. Clients include Fortune 500 and entertainment companies, as well as international publishers. Creative Entity’s principal has been involved in developing unique educational and entertaining content since 1986.

About Amy Seidman
Creator of Incredible Places

Founder of Creative Entity, and creator of Incredible Places, Amy Seidman has developed numerous Internet sites and multimedia content since 1995. Before new media, she spent 10 years as an internationally published photographer, writer, associate documentary filmmaker, with experience as an educator, character and story developer as well as music producer and writer. During her diverse 16-year career as a multimedia artist, she has pioneered the production of original content for Creative Entity.


  • Sheryl Cohen, Publisher, Green Zebra
  • Tony Winders, Winders.net, VP of Marketing , ValueClick Media
  • Christian Gray, CEO, Atlas Consulting
  • Kimberly Newton deKlootwyk
  • Mark Chasan, Tranformative Capitol
  • Geoff Workman, Noesis Partners
  • Tricia Van Klaveren, Fully Loaded Pictures
  • Phillip Rosen, Attorney at Law
  • Sandy Rosenberg, Media Research & Associates
  • Susan Lettween, owner of LMG Marketing. Susan has a rich and diverse background in marketing which includes growing new media departments with both Disney and Dreamworks.
  • Matt Neco, Attorney at Law, former Director of Legal Affairs, Morpheus
  • Dominic Cardea, National Park Service
  • Craig Glassner, National Park Service
  • Miguel Hennessey, VP, JP Morgan
  • Eric Singer, Director, Financial Aid Center, JFCF
  • Kevin Smokler
  • Grant Gunderson, Always On
  • Andy Fusso, Earth Dance
  • Roger Donaldson, Oracle
  • Debbie Seidman, Founder of Cyber Action, VP of Technology and Business Development, GoDriver, LLC.
  • Jim Fish, VP Operations, Leap Frog Interactive, formerly VP Operations at Dynamics Direct, and Windsor Publications, specialists in Travel publications.
  • John P. Roberts, Lucas Arts Online, formerly wth Sony Game Show Network, Universal
  • Dana Arak, Global Summt
  • Brad Nye, CORE Conferences, ArtsFestSF, Digital Family
  • Jud Schwartz, World Wellness
  • Steve Swimmer, Producer, Fox, formerly with The Getty Museum
  • Phil Harrington, President, Liberty Bloom, founder of YouBloom
  • Larry Langs, President, InterVenture, former VP Business Development of MP3.com current founder of InterMedia Ventures.
  • Terrance Coles, President, EverGreen DVD, formerly VP Business development with Intertainer, a leader in the entertainment, Broadband Internet and interactive media.
  • Rikk Galvan, Strategist, Broadband Entertainment Group, responsible for creating Warner Brothers On-line Store.
  • Lorna Li, SEO Expert, SalesForce
  • Juliette Leygues, Sonoma
  • Walter Swanson, formerly Legal Affairs, Twentieth Century Fox
  • L. Henry Sarmiento, Executive and Producer, Studio Ibiza, formerly SyKlopps Studios
  • Wally Roker, formerly with Passport Entertainment: Passport holds a music catalog that includes Sinatra, Elvis, Miles Davis and a myriad of other impressive material. Additionally, Passort offers Specialty DVD Distribution

Former Advisors

  • The late Eddie Levine, Music Licensing & Management Distinguished 40 year career in the Music Industry, including the launch of Blue Note and MCA/UA.
  • The late Michael Rosenthal, Publisher, Santa Monica Mirror
  • The late Emile Petrone, Executive Vice President, Phillips


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