Program Funding
To support our programming, please contact us for additional information.

Special Thanks To Our Sponsors

Inquiring Systems, Fiscal Sponsor, A 501.c.3 Non-Profit Creative Entity

CRM Donations from Salesforce.com

Incredible Places is a project of Creative Entity Org with fiscal sponsorship by Inquiring Systems, Inc. 501(c)3.

Foundation Grants & Private Funding

Our mission is to foster education, tolerance and global understanding of cultures and natural environments around our planet.

Because our content is as factual as it is fascinating, Incredible Places Made For the Media™ programs and products provide social and educational needs. We do this by creating media in service of the greater community, along with other key NGOs who are in synergy with our mission and can help large groups benefit from the projects we are engaged in.

We harmonize the needs of our sponsors with elegant opportunities to support worth while engagements with large audiences. We also benefit from the parent company Creative Entity, and the Incredible Places brand for the use of assets within our programming and to generate revenue through licensing.

Cause Marketing Sponsors

Incredible Places™ is currently inviting companies with authentic sustainability programs and goals to join our SPA. With our compelling Made For The Media™ DVD Series and related ancillary products, Incredible Places™ leverages dynamic content, highly acclaimed talent, with excellent distribution to provide unique advertising opportunities to include:

  • Brand recognition in association with quality programming
  • Exclusive licensing to footage and photography
  • Expert demonstration of products and technologies throughout our programs.

Incredible Places™ offers Partners elegant brand placement within sophisticated content and licensing vehicles. Brand recognition associated with quality programming of this type creates a stronger and broader presence for business while strengthening alliances within supporting industries.

Incredible Places™ provides access to a wide variety of related products and services via links to our Strategic Partner Alliance network and through our on-line eStore.

In addition to our Made For The Media™ DVD series, Incredible Places™ supports a multi- platform structure utilizing traditional print, film and broadcast television. We combine these traditional medias with converging new media and technologies such as DVD, Internet, and Pocket PCs to produce a wide variety of products and services.

To support our programming contact us for additional information.

Target Markets

Incredible Places™ reaches out to proven markets and in significant areas. Our primary Made for the Media™ DVD product is targeted to the active individual who currently watches Discovery Channel, reads National Geographic, goes to IMAX and can be considered part of the LOHAS marketplace (Lifestyle of Health and Sustainability) with an estimated demographic of over 300 million people.


Reaching these markets through cross pollination and service to worthy causes, our channels include publishing partners, public and cable broadcast, iTV, OnDemand, mobile, as well as educational venues such as museums, and the Internet..

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