We Are Water

Why We Care

We are about 70% water. Yet over 1 in 6 people lack access to clean drinking water.

All life needs water to live. With climate change less clean water will exist on earth in future. This shift shall affect habitat we depend on for our own survival, with migrations and extinction of species in the delicate ecosystem we call home.

Our Water Source

The vision, photography and video of this project has been created by Amy Seidman during her fellowship at the Sierra Nevada Research Institute in Yosemite.

The Experience

360 Immersion Music & Art

Combining music and media in a dome theater with performance artists, acrobats and dancers, this unique experience has been invited to The Vortex Immersion dome in Los Angeles at LA Center Studios, home of Mad Men and other TV Shows. We have also been invited to tour in 2014 with the Sustainable Living Roadshow to multiple festivals throughout the USA

The immersion experience We Are Water is a chapter of “Instruments of the Forest”, an ongoing project by multimedia artist and musician Amy Seidman.

Other Products

A State of Water ~ Online Video

Stunning footage of Yosemite’s pure rivers is showcased in this emotive short film

Yosemite’s Water ~ Photography Book 

Coffee table book featuring color photography in Yosemite

States of Water ~ Exhibition

Film and photography exhibition for science and modern art museums juxtaposing beautiful imagery of water against current scientific research and global facts

The Water App ~ Mobile

A mobile application that educates people about water awareness and connects them to existing programs working towards water conservation.

Partner With Us

This program is about engaging people to care about the water issues we face as a civilization.

License Digital Media

When you license photographs and video, 25% of our profits goes to support the artists and our program products..

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