A multiplatform exhibition demonstrating the “Interconnectivity” of all life.

Imagine what would happen if we eliminated the mosquito. What species would then cease to exist? This kind of question has been pondered but few living models exist in real time to demonstrate and follow biodiversity.


A sample of video that make up our multi platform exhibiton. “Men of Mamoni” short film is a peak at some of the topics and the organization Earth Train which is the focal point. It is the first of a series of short films about this area.

Interconnectivity, A Biodiversity Exhibit is a seamless multiplatform interpretive experience about Panama’s Mamoní Valley Preserve Rainforest. The proposed project builds on pertinent work Earth Train an organization preserving this area and their partners Dr. Healy Hamilton, Jane Goodall, Danilla Perez and other noted leaders. One of the features is real time data visualization of Hamilton’s work GPS mapping species for her biodiversity project, to be displayed as part of the exhibit installation, and available to view online though the project Internet site. Other components include a virtual immersive dome experience, mobile application, interactive touch screen presentations, social media and broadcast components.

Interconnectivity uses innovative technology and media to extend STEM literacy by conveying the diverse topics of this area, the work of biologists including Hamilton’s biodiversity mapping, and Jane Goodall’s studies around the Howler monkey. We bring to light the relationship of the indigenous tribe the Kuna people and their relationship with the region and impact on preserving the pristine habitat that remains. We also highlight the work of Earth Train in developing youth leaders through education within this precious environment..

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