Digital Garden is a collaboration between,  Incredible Places, and The Natural World Museum. 

The Digital Garden consists of five monitors with a timed orchestra of sound and vision.  Looped videos, still images and related text illuminate key concepts in contemporary ecological art. Created by Amy Seidman as a compilation of a cross-section of works by 32 environmental artists, in cooperation with and curation by Sam Bower, Founder of with production support by Kate Weigel.

The Digital Garden concept originated with Sam Bower, with installation concept and design by Hirokazu Kosaka and Justin Young. Amy Seidman of Incredible Places developed a unique presentation, timing each video and sound track together like an orchestra of parts. This created an unusual juxtaposition between the five films, so when the viewer moved pass the screens they would have an interconnected experience between the themes which were the 5 Japanese states of nature: earth, fire, air, water and space..

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