Into Outside’s project goals are to eliminate barriers to young people connecting them with the outdoors by introducing them to the park’s natural wonders through emerging and social media. We also seek to provide the technology vehicles for partners to reach their community and provide online forums for facilitating feedback.

INTO OUTSIDE addresses key issues.

Into Outside serves ARC Program Youth

  • Provides urgently needed tools and resources for youth to learn about and explore wild places
  • Offers culturally relevant programming in multiple languages
  • Addresses cultural interpretations regarding safety risks from being outdoors
  • Improves availability of viable open space
  • Extends programming and outreach to a broader range of youth
  • Provides  youth  community a voice through online, social and mobile media
  • Enables people everywhere to explore the wonder and beauty of the outside with digestible interpretation
  • Provides a mobile tool to empower a park visitor with more information
  • Inspires youth and their community to visit and protect wilderness areas

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Case Study: “House of the Sun” Haleakala National Park, Maui, Hawaii
Holistic design with Made For the Media Platform and Interpretation Tools offer numerous solutions for convergence media needs throughout the National Park system. Our mission is to enhance the use of emerging media to enhance park experience in a meaningful and memorable way.

Project Goals

To Develop Media That Is As Factual As It Is Fascinating

  • Create unique content that is as factual as it is fascinating and deliver to the public through multiple channels, technologies and formats
  • Foster understanding of cultures and natural environments through the products and exhibits we produce
  • Enrich, inspire and positively impact education, sustainable solutions and preservation

Haleakala Site Overview

  • Multidimensional topics worthy of immersive and interactive experiences
  • Rich in biology
  • Living anthropology
  • Geological interests
  • Delicate ecosystem
  • Backcountry adventures
  • Scientific research



TechThinkTank is a blog created to offer media providers, tech companies, and individuals a voice in the evaluation of vendors, within the emerging media field, by the National Park Service as part of Renaissance of Interpretation. This is a public service offering by Creative Entity as part of Incredible Places Made For the Media ™ Suite of Interpretation Tools. As part of the outreach for our program, we are inviting providers in these sectors to express ideas and create conversation around collaboration in order to help inform the National Park Service about their products and how they see themselves being involved.

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Incredible PlacesMade for the Media installation featuring video and photography by Amy Seidman, underwater imagery by Jay April.

The Five Elements Experience is an immersive exhibit featuring thematic representations of nature. Visitors see themselves, interact, and express themselves within virtual spaces. Using green screen and multimedia technology visitors get to see themselves in places from around the world broken into the five elements of Earth, Water, Fire, Air and Space. Features underwater imagery, forests, aerials, lava, waterfalls, and outer space.

Second TV screen shows clips of others who have used the green screen – of people becoming the work of art during exhibitions.

  • United Nations World Environment Day, Art Into Action
    Anima Mundi Natural World Museum


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