Extraordinary explorations. Extraordinary technology.

Available are maps, video logs, team dispatches, natural history and geological data, art and cultural highlights, and in depth resource guides to learn about the tools and technology we use.

MADE FOR THE MEDIA Product Samples

The Convergence of New Media

CDsTraditional print, film and broadcast television have converged within the global marketing and distribution power of DVD, the Internet and new digital technologies.

Our programs offer a unique array of opportunities for sponsors to target specific consumers and professional users through the expert demonstration throughout our programs. Our team and associates have successfully developed careers creating stimulating content in both traditional and new media — pushing the limits of these products with each iteration.

“I need the finest optics with reliable film to achieve the photographic quality Incredible Places™ demands.

Nikon’s excellent lenses combined with Kodak’s 35mm film, enables me to achieve consistently rich color.The resolution and saturation I need to combine traditional media with digital multimedia design is the reason I still use film. These are also the reasons I still prefer Kodak and why I am a dedicated Nikon Professional. ” ~ Amy Seidman

Remote Field Production

Book SampleDriven by ever increasing advancements in technology, remote field production has benefited from dynamic improvements in cameras, computer software, hardware, and a full range of both professional and consumer tools and resources.

From handheld digital cameras to portable notebook editing systems, each have ensured the steady growth of remote location production and digital mastering.

These new tools and advancements have aided tremendously in meeting the challenging aspects of producing for Nature, Wildlife, Culture, and Adventure Travel programming. Ensuring the capture of superb quality content, digital video technology allows excellent coverage in even the most challenging environments.

In addition, this growth has been further supported by similar technological advancements. Related industries produce the tools andDVD Camera resources utilized throughout the many diverse phases of content production. From communications technology, to the variety and quality of outdoor expedition gear, all have increased the success of film and photographic expeditions.

These practical tools for the field,combined with excellent business management software, provide a full array of services required to facilitate the successful planning, preparation and execution of remote field production.

Expert Demonstrations: A Showcase for Products and Technology

The Incredible Places™ team features the work of many award winning photographers and cinematographers who participate and provide content for the development and ongoing production of our programming.
DVD Samples

Each professional who make up our highly accomplished team are uniquely gifted, and intimately knowledgeable of their location assignment. This enables sponsors to elegantly showcase a full array of tools and technology. Both the professional and consumer market place benefit through the expert demonstration of products and technologies used to produce our content.

I am constantly amazed at the level of quality and speed I can achieve in multimedia design usingmy Apple computer with Adobe Products.

CameraThe integration of being able to take my Sony digital camera and launch into editing using Final Cut Pro and After Effects is incredible. And as effective as being able to export the files in QuickTime seamlessly for the web — which it can do as well.” ~ Amy Seidman

Broadband Internet & E Commerce

The demands for compelling content with vehicles to capitalize assets and sales in multiple markets are increasing. Incredible Places™ is a sophisticated and elegant means to capture this opportunity.

Apple Computer Final CutWe now find on-line divisions and electronic stores from most major producers of professional and consumer products capitalizing on the Internet. Many institutions and industries are leveraging their foundation of education, brick and mortar and business to business within this new paradigm. Via direct links within the Incredible Places™ Strategic Partner Alliance and our eStore, sponsors are able to secure additional sales as well as expand their brand recognition.


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